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I found my millionaire!

I met and dated a few great guys on this site but found the one for me a couple months ago. Kevin is generous and sweet and my dream guy! I'm everything he's looking for in a partner and we have a blast together. I really don't see the point in dating guys who have nothing going for them. I don't want to seem rude, but honestly it's just as easy to date a rich guy as someone with limited potential. Why settle and struggle when there's plenty of successful men out there???

Best site hands down!!!

I've been on a few similar sites and what I really like about this one that's different is the guys are all available and single and looking! This is the big difference - I mean who wants to invest time on a dating site where the guys might all be wealthy but half of them are attached to someone else. I know that works for some people, but not for me. I like knowing that someone I fall for is actually available for something long term if that's where the relationship leads!

Hot girls plus me - perfect :)

Something about this site seems to attract a ton of hot girls! Seriously, it's really unusual to find so many young attractive girls all in one place. I heard about the site from a couple buddies and they had really good luck here and everything they said was true. The girls are hot, nice, interesting and wanting a good time. I've been on five dates in the last couple weeks and I fell in lust on every one of them! Highly recommend MSO to any guy that's looking for good times with a hottie!

Seriously quality singles...

I'm picky and always looking for high quality dates even if it means I have to go without for awhile - I'm just not one to settle for anything less! The good thing about MSO is that I don't have to wait for that interesting special person to come along, there's plenty to choose from right here! I like knowing that I can login virtually anytime and within minutes be chatting with someone hot and available to go out and have a great time with!

Awesome men!

What can I say, I totally love this site! Rich, ambitious, successful men who are single and looking for a nice attractive girl to date and maybe share a lifetime with - PERFECT! I've had the best time here and finally settled into a dating site that I feel comfortable with and totally suits me. The guys are very cool and know exactly what they want - I like that! No guessing or game playing or fakers - MSO really attracts high quality people and that's the most important thing to me - give me that and I can do the rest, LOL!

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